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Site identification is different for each client depending on their specific needs; however, one thing remains – our ability to select the best site based upon a thorough understanding of the clients’ specific needs. Our site identification process begins with a needs assessment to determine the clients’ requirements in terms of store size, location, demographics, distance from competition and traffic patterns. A thorough understanding of these factors, coupled with an intimate knowledge of development costs, ensures the site selection process is efficient and targets the best site for the client.


Our focus during site acquisition is to strategically structure projects to reduce development risk, minimize cost and focus on the long-term success of the project for our client.


Obtaining the necessary legal approvals from the various governmental agencies for any development project can be challenging and time-consuming. JB’s principals have a thorough understanding of the entitlement process and have completed projects in many of the municipalities and cities throughout Florida and the southeast. Our ability to secure the necessary legal approvals and documentation, planning and zoning approvals, building and regulatory permits and all other entitlements ensures the project runs smoothly from start to finish.


Our in-house construction professionals can create schedules and cost estimates for complex projects independent of outside contractors. We can generate reliable cost, schedule and logistical data for early feasibility studies prior to forming a project team, as well as verify the information subsequently provided by outside consultants and contractors. Our construction professionals also take an active role in value engineering and quality control while a project is being designed.